"There is a very strong ethos of tolerance and respect for others that is felt throughout the school."
Ofsted 2018

Family Learning

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We facilitate Family Learning under the direction of Luton Adult Learning throughout the year.  We target various year groups and subject areas. These include:

  • Year 6 Maths for SATs
  • Year 2 Literacy or Numeracy


  • The first part of the session will involve children and adults working together with the teacher and adult tutor.
  • In the second half adults will have the chance to discuss what the children have been doing together with an opportunity to develop their own skills.

The benefits to your child are:

  • Time to spend with you in school
  • Extra support during the project
  • Improved English and Maths skills
  • Increased confidence as a learner

The benefits to you are:

  • Feel more confident about helping your child.
  • Improve your own knowledge and confidence.
  • Involvement as a partner in your child’s education.
  • An opportunity to return to learning and take things further if you wish.