Attendance Award

St Martin’s Attendance & Punctuality Award

The award is for Attendance and Punctuality with lateness taken into account, which determines the winning classes.

A percentage of 0.25% is deducted per late from each child, which will reduce the class final percentage of attendance at the end of each half-term.

Each class pupil has an impact on the overall figure; therefore, we encourage all pupils to maintain a high level of attendance and punctuality.


There is a Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 winner; both are presented with the award, ‘Paddington Bear’, and he will stay in their class for that half term.

At St. Martin’s we like to celebrate achievements made by pupils, so each child that has 100% attendance and punctuality for that half term receives a sticker and those in the winning class who have achieved the same are awarded a certificate.

For those who achieve very high attendance and punctuality throughout the year will be invited, in the summer term, to join our final celebration.  This is a special reward of an out of school event to congratulate the children on their achievement.